Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jaiden's Field Day

Jaiden had "Field Day" at her school yesterday. I decided to stay and Ryan took a break from work to come watch her. They were so cute learning how to play the different games! They first played Tug of War and then kickball. The kids had no idea how to play kickball, so it was a complete learning experience for them!!

This Jaiden's first attempt at kickball. Watch how she waits for the ball to stop before she kicks it!! I am the one filming her big game and you can hear my voice in the background laughing and telling her which way to run. CLICK ON THE ARROW TO PLAY


Doreen said...

Oh that was so cute! I really enjoyed that, watched it twice and will watch it again. Gotta love watching how kids learn. Great show Jaiden well done! Thanks for sharing, this is so precious Amber.

HDMac said...

Oh FUN!!!! Loved watching the video and seeing the pics! :) such a sweetie!

Crafty Sue said...

I'm sure you both had fun!
Well done Jaiden.
I loved the video , well done Amber!