Thursday, May 21, 2009

Food Coloring & 2 Year Olds

Yesterday morning we woke up to the alarm clock instead of Arya calling for us (this happens about once a month). So, I got out of bed and came downstairs. Sitting in my sewing chair was Arya! Somehow, she managed to climb out of bed without us knowing and came down the steps. She was sitting in the chair eating a piece of cheese from the refrigerator and swinging her legs. She looked and me and said, "Hi Mommy!" I was shocked! I cannot believe we didn't hear all of this going on! Who knows how long she was down here!! My grandmother said someone from Ryan's cell phone called her really early. That was Arya! Needless to say, Ryan lowered her crib and we lock the door to the stairs (we have a door that closes off our stairwell that leads up to our bedrooms and down to the rest of the house).

So, this brings us to today. Arya was upstairs playing her room this morning while I was doing some housework. (Okay, so I was on the computer!)She comes back down about 45 minutes later and these pictures are what I saw!! Apparently, in her morning escapades yesterday morning, she found some food coloring and hid it in her room. Today is the day she decided to play with!

Her hands are just covered along with her legs, shirt and a pair of Jaiden's underwear; that she has on sideways! Maybe by this time next month, it will have all washed off her body!


Ginger said...

Oh my goodness what a thing to get up on. That little one keeps you going for sure.Loved the photo to cute (She a keeper) kiss her for us!
Enjoyed the great food you sent me for the prize( So tasty!)Want to thank you again for it you rock and so does your whole family.Have a great weekend my dear friend!

Crafty Sue said...

Arya keeps you busy!
You must watch out for her ... but she's toooo cute!

Doreen said...

WOW she is so full of surprises eh your little one : ) She is sooo sweet!
Your posting reminded me of the time when ours were little, one time I found a lock of hair that our daughter had cut off and hidden in her room and I had to find out how she had gotten ahold of a pair of scissor...another episode this time with our son was a little after he had started walking when I suddenly found him behind me in the kitchen and when I asked how he had come downstairs, he climbed up the stairs on his hands and knees and then showed me how he had done it...humpity bump down each step on his little bumbum!!! Gotta love these sweet little ones but gotta watch them too.
Hugs to Arya and you : )

HDMac said...

I just love it! :) So darling!!! You have such a darling family!!!!