Monday, May 11, 2009

We're Confirmed

I just booked our room for our mini Myrtle Beach vacation!!! As a family, we have never taken a vacation! Jaiden is dying to see the beach, so with the help of our income tax return and family, we are going!! WE are going to stay 3 nights so Ryan doesn't have to miss a lot of work (no paid vacation).

Are plans are to go after Labor Day when the hotel rates down down. Jaiden will only miss 1 day of school (preschool), so that's not bad. My mother will probably stay here to watch the house and look after the cat and dog.

I am so excited!! I cannot wait until Jaiden wakes up so I can tell her!!!


Crafty Sue said...

That's nice Amber!
I hope your mini holiday will be lots of fun for you and your family, if the beach is the one in the picture than WoW ... it sure looks great.

Doreen said...

WOW good for you!!! I sm really happy for you, this is indeed a very exciting time for you all ~ enjoy the excitement and all the preparations, that is part of the holiday too : )