Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coin Bank for Dad

I think this would make a cute gift from the kids to dad or even grandpa for Father's Day!

I saw the saying somewhere on the web (cannot remember where)but there was no pictures or directions. I used my own creative ideas and came up with this bank. It's cheap, easy and cute!

Large soup can, washed
soup can template
double sided tape
needle nose pliers

1. Make your template with any designs using your favorite graphics program. I used Microsoft Publisher. You can do this in word if you do not have any graphic programs.

2. Cut out template and using double sided tape, adhere to can.

3. Using the awl and hammer, make a slot for the coins to be inserted in the lid. Use the pliers to help "clean up" the slot and bend any metal to the underside of the lid.

4. Put lid back on can and give to dad. I didn't use any glue so the lid can come off and on. It holds on pretty tight without any glue.


Crafty Sue said...

What a great gift idea!

Ginger said...

Ahh that is way to cute !!! Very sweet !

Anonymous said...

oh! This template is simply super....
more templates easy to download

Doreen said...

Hi Amber what a cute idea, thanks for sharing!

craftymug said...

That is so cute. Any Dad would love to have that.